Laser acne removal, good idea or bad? How does the laser do it?

Bad idea. Lasers are not intended at all to remove acne, in fact the heat generated could actually make it worse. There are much better treatments like #1 good skin care with right products, #2, chemical peels, #3blue light with or without ala, #4 other topical treatments #5 oral medications. #6 facials with acne masks. Lots of good choices that are not invasive and not harmful like a laser.

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Laser acne removal -- good idea or bad?

Your choice. Results are generally very good. There are also fillers that work remarkably well in skilled hands. Remember that you have a choice, and that several hollywood male stars have kept / cultivated their acne scars for the "tough guy" image they project. I know you will make the right choice for yourself. Read more...