Is it a common to have the perfusion scan after the angiogram of the heart?

Yes. After an angiogram, the perfusion scan may be done prior to stenting to plan the revascularization procedure. In addition, the perfusion scan can be down a couple of years later to help assess response to therapy.
Sometimes. If a blockage is found on angiogram but its borderline around 60 to 70% a perfusion scan can tell if the anatomic abmormality on the angio is functionally abnormal. If the defect on the perfusion scan correlates with the angiogram then it should intervened apon ie angioplasty or stent. Especially if you have symptoms.

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Can you tell me about angiogram of the heart or perfusion scan test?

2 different exams. Angiogram involves injection intravenously of contrast and radiographic (x-ray imaging) of chambers of heart, coronary arteries, great vessels. Ct angiogram involves injection of contrast and cross sectional imaging of these cardiovascular structures. Myocardial perfusion scan involves injection of isotope that shows myocardium looking for perfusion defects, ischemia and infarct. Read more...

I'm 21 year old male and I had various ٍecgs and a heart perfusion scan + a stress test all came back normal is it enough to say my heart is good?

Glad to hear. You are being followed by your doc. Stick close to him/her. I see that you also have an anxiety disorder which means it may be difficult for you to relax and enjoy the good news of your test results. Life does not give any of us 100 % guarantee. A mental health professional can help you deal w/your anxiety and feel better. Peace and good health. Read more...