Any advice for someone with an inflammatory bowel disease for diet?

Avoid toxic foods. Avoid sugars, fried foods, vegatable oils like canola & soy, meats that are cured wth nitrates & nitrites, aspartame, splenda, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, maragarine, soy based products, sweetened beverages like juice & soda, microwaved foods, artificial colors & flavors. All of these products cause damage to the cells, tissues & organs in your body contributing to various diseases.
The Specific ....... Carbohydrate diet is a a diet that may provide benefit in patients with crohn's disease. Originally used in autism, some studies suggest that this diet can help digestion and allow for some symptomatic improvement for patients with crohn's disease. Diet is very specific to the individual. One patient may tolerate fish and another may not. Pick what works best for you.