Does tugging on umbilical cord cause herniated belly buttons?

"Innies" vs "Outies" I am not aware of data showing a relationship. If that were the case, we would probably see many more "outies" or umbilical hernias in children delivered in teaching hospitals :/.

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Should I be concerned about some bleeding in the belly button after the umbilical cord falls off?

Most likely okay. A tiny bit of pink or red after the umbilical cord falls off is fine. Keep the area clean and dry. Don't bathe the baby yet (most newborns aren't rolling in the mud), and if the oozing continues more than a day or so, let your doctor know.

There's blood around her belly button. She is 9 days old and her umbilical cord has not fallen off yet. Is this normal?

Umbilical cords. Will typically drop off within 2 weeks after birth. Bleeding from the cord can indicate that this process is about to occur, while redness/discharge/odor is never normal. Delayed cord drop used to be seen with hypothyroidism, but this rarely occurs due to early detection and intervention with newborn screens.

If an umbilical cord has been detached, why is the belly button still there?

Belly button. The belly button represents the remnant of the blood vessels that attached the fetus to the mother as its source of nourishment.

My babies umbilical cord fell off today (baby is 1 Week Old). Do I put anything on it to help it heal faster?? The belly button is also outie.

Not necessarily. The umbilical stump is made to fall off - after it does there is often very little needed to facilitate it completing its healing. You can use a small drop of liquid soap (not antibacterial) to aid in the remainder drying out - but if you do nothing it will likely be just fine! If it is not healed by the 2 week visit - your provider will take care of the rest.

I have a bump above my umbilical cord under the skin., and also around my belly button, bad?

Umbilical hernia. This sounds like a small umbilical hernia, which is a defect in the wall of the abdomen, which can allow your intestines to protrude. If there are no symptoms, and no great deformity, it may not be important. If there is pain, it can be very serious. Next time you see your doctor, point this out.

11day new baby and the umbilical cord hasn't fallen off & red in the belly button when should it fall off? Or should I c her dr? No discharged or odor

Umbilical cord. A newborn's umbilical cord falls off anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks. Keeping it dry is the key for it falling off sooner. I recommend using a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean just the area where the cord attaches to the skin during diaper changers and fold the diaper top down toward the skin to keep urine from getting the cord wet. Have you pediatrician look at it at the 2 week check.