How do you treat fetal heart block?

Not well. No good treatment for fetal heart block is known; Dexamethasone has been tried with poor results. Delivery at a tertiary care center with nicu and pediatric cardiology specialists is warranted and maternal-fetal medicine consultation is quintessential. The prognosis is much worse (almost lethal) if the complete fetal heart block occurs early and is associated with structural heart defect(s).

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Is it possible to fly if I have heart block?

It depends. There are several degrees of heart block. Third degree heart block usually causes very slow heart rates and can cause fainting or lightheadedness and is usually treated with a pacemaker. Lesser degrees of heart block usually cause no symptoms. It is ok to fly with a pacemaker but bring your pacemaker card with you as you may set off a metal detector. The low dose x-ray will image the battery. Read more...

What is the definition or description of: heart block?

Symptomatic slow HR. Blocked cardiac impulses from top of heart to bottom of heart there are physiologic as well as pathological blocks pathological block need pacemaker to correct it. Read more...