I feel guilt about drinking alcohol in the pantry?

CAGE. We know you feel guilty about drinking. Are you annoyed when people criticize your drinking? Have a drink to get rid of a hangover or first thing when you wake up? Ever think you need to cut down on your alcohol use? Recommend checking out Alcoholic's Anonymous & possibly seeing an addiction medicine specialist.
Alcohol abuse. If your sneaking drinks you are likely in trouble, consider an aa meeting as they can be very helpful and contact an addiction specialist who can also help you understand the nature of your problem and how to remain sober if necessary. Take care.

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I am feeling guilt about drinking alcohol. What should I do?

See your doctor. If you're feeling guilt about drinking alcohol, it would be helpful to see your physician for a thorough assessment of this issue. It could be impacting your life & health in more ways than are obvious to you. Your doctor can also help you get any treatment or support that might be needed. Read more...
Guilt about drinking. is a CAGE criteria to help screen for alcohol problems. Have you felt the need to cut down? Ever drink when you get up in the morning or to get rid of a hangover? Feel annoyed if others criticize your drinking? If yes to any of these - than getting help is certainly warranted. Take care. Read more...