Similar problem with neuromas on both feet. Anyone here with knowledge about foot health or shoes with ideas?

You have options. Typical conservative treatment includes a metatarsal pad in the shoe to help spread the metatarsals and reduce pressure on the neuroma. Avoid shoes with heels that pitch the body weight forward onto the ball of the foot. Finally, some people have found relief with barefoot or minimalist shoes, but this is based on anecdotal evidence and is not accepted in mainstream medicine.
Metatarsal support. Most nueromas are found between third and fourth toes(most common) or second and third toes(second most common). Finding shoes with plenty of toe room(not too tight), thicker sole and a little metatarsal support can be helpful. Lower heel height is usually better. Cortisone injections can be helpful. Chronic problems can require surgery. See foothealthfacts.Com. Dr l.