Diabetic foot health care. How often, how much?

Every 2-3 months . Because no two feet are the same, and the spectrum of Diabetic issues can vary widely between patients, it is typically recommend that diabetics have their feet evaluated every 2-3 months to ensure that any issues can be addressed head on, and preventative measures taken.
Regularly. Someone with diabetes who has no risk factors should have an annual foot exam. Those with neuropathy or circulation problems should be seen at least twice a year. With both, or history of ulcers, every 3 months.
Ask your podiatrist. Medicare and other healthcare payors allow for preventive nail and corns/calluses care up to every 61 days. I suggest at least annual visits with a podiatrist so he/she can do a detailed examination and report to the primary care provider.
2.5 months. Most health insurance plans will cover diabetic routine foot care every two and a half months or so. Some plans are different, though, so ask your podiatrist or the doctor that manages your diabetes for specifics.
Regularly. Daily, self evaluation is very important for all diabetics. Wash and dry well, keep feet well hydrated with a good foot cream daily, good fitting shoes, no barefoot. Professional evaluation once or twice a year if no problems. If concerns, regular visits are important. Frequency, depends on concerns or problems. Talk to your doctor to determine what is best for you. Dr l.