I have a foot health question? Do I ask podiatry or orthopedist?

Either. Either should be able to help. Because, orthopedists can take care of any body part from head to toe seek out one that specializes in foot and ankle. If they do they likely had fellowship training and would be able to answer any foot related question. Feet is what podiatrists specialize in - hence your answer is both.
Both Specialists. You can actually see either but if you choose an orthopedist, select one who has had a fellowship and practices on the feet and ankles as their primary practice. Seek the advice of family and friends and ask your pcp. Websites to help you find a local doc: www.Apma.Org, www.Acfas.Org, www.Aaos.Org.
Either. Either will be able to help you. If you decide to go with an orthopedist, seek one that specializes in the foot.
Podiatrist. Podiatrist deal exclusively with foot and ankle problems. Orthopedist can deal muscle/joint problems from head to toe. Most don't specialize in dealing with foot problems, but some may. If you want to see a podiatrist, visit apma.Org to find a foot specialist near you. Dr l.
Depends. Podiatrists have a greater knowledge of foot and ankle specific problems, whereas orthopedists do the whole body, and generally have more experience with trauma and arthritic conditions. If you have general foot health questions a podiatrist is probably the way to go.
Both. You can ask a podiatrist or a foot and ankle trained orthopod.
Probably podiatrist. That is the specialty...feet. Ortho has a more broad scope .