Foot health practioneers do they offer a good health service to the public?

Yes! Google the american podiatric medicine association (apma) you'll find more information on the role a podiatrist plays in public health.
Yes! And there is a podiatrics section within the american public health association that is very active.
Definitely. Podiatrists in particular, receive socialized training on foot and lower extremity health and disease processes that make them a valuable asset to the community.
Of Course. Fixing foot problems prevents disability, keeping people active, healthy, and productive for longer. Diabetic foot care helps prevent amputation and other complications that have a great cost burden on the health care system. Foot specialists also are trained to recognize systemic diseases that often show early symptoms in the extremities.
Yes. The best example is treatment of diabetics with foot problems. Proper foot care prevents amputation.
Absolutely. Most people will have foot problems at some point in their lifetime. Having a doctor that understands the foot and how it functions is important. As the saying goes, "if your feet hurt, you hurt all over". Dr l.
Surely you jest! Of course- podiatrists provide an incredibly important service to people who have foot problems.