How long do fluoxetine side effects last for?

Depends. Most people do not experience uncomfortable side effects. Of those that do many find that the side effects abate in a month or so. For some they never go away. Discuss this with your physician as he/she knows more about your health status and can provide more specific information.

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How long do fluoxetine side effects last?

Depends. Most minor side effects of fluoxetine resolve in two weeks or less. If they persist after this it may be time to consider changing medications. However, only your prescriber would have the information necessary to help you make this decision. If you have concerns, please contact him/her. Read more...

How long do fluoxetine side effects last? Heard long half life.

Usually 1-2 weeks. The amount of time it takes for side effets to go away is how long it takes certain receptors to change and thus get used to the effect. This is somewhat independent of how long the drug takes to go away, so long as the concentration remains constant. The half life means that the drug stays in the system a long time and is important when mixing other drugs with it. Read more...