What does it mean "your eyes do not track together"?

Binocular vision. Think of the brain as a computer (cpu) that receives input from both eyes to simultaneously see in 3d and in focus. Both eyes need to move in rhythm for this and also properly aligned therein. There are various ocular to neural causes for poor tracking that need to be investigated.

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What does it mean if your baby's eyes do not track together?

Could be important. Depends a lot on the age. For the first few weeks of life, it is common for the eyes to appear misaligned and "not track well" together. After a couple months, most babies will fixate well and the eyes track well together. Mention the symptom to your pediatrician, and see if a referral to an eye md or pediatric ophthalmologist is advisable. Read more...

What does it mean if your baby's "eyes do not track together"?

Depends. Babies eyes do not need to completely track together until around nine months of age. If the eye exam is otherwise normal, and your child is under 9 months of age, i would follow. If one eye is constantly looking in one direction, that is different, and the child should be seen. Read more...