Can you get bad bleeds from esophageal bleeding?

Yes. Esophageal bleeding can be very serious and even life-threatening, depending on the cause. Some things are more minor (like having a little blood related to repetitive vomiting from a "gi bug"), but some can be much more serious like variceal bleeding (generally related to cirrhosis).

Related Questions

Can you also get nose bleeds from esophageal bleeding?

Maybe. Esophageal bleeding could theoretically come out the mouth or the nose, which could look like a nose bleed. Depending on the cause of the esophageal bleeding (ie a bleeding disorder?), that could predispose you to nose bleeds. Esophageal bleeding is generally something that needs medical attention though so please discuss with your doctor if you aren't already. Read more...

If there's bleeding in esophagus, will the stool become red or black? How much blood to take effect of the colouring?

Esophageal bleeding. If you are bleeding in the esophagus, the blood will be digested as it passes through the small intestine and cause the stool to be darker. This is called upper GI bleeding, usually from the stomach or first part of the small intestine. Red blood in the stool comes from the large intestine, rectum or anus, where it hasn't had time to be digested and turn dark yet. Read more...