Does anyone know if a plastic surgeon specializes in lop ear deformities?

Lop Ear. Many plastic surgeons are familiar with lop ear deformities, but those with special training in craniofacial or pediatric plastic surgery are "experts" in this field. In newborns, lop ear can be treated non-surgically in about 6 weeks. Once the child is older than about 1 month, surgery (an otoplasty) will be needed when the child gets to be about 5-6 years old.
Prominent ears. Can be corrected with a procedure known as otoplasty. This is a relatively simple procedure which is done as an outpatient. In children, it maybe covered by insurance, but is usually considered cosmetic for adults. Seek a facial plastic surgeon in your area. The recovery is relatively easy, and gives permanent results. Different techniques are used depending on the shape of your ears.
Otoplasty. Most plastic surgeons are well versed in the care of ear deformities. Surgery can improve the shape of the ear. Newborns have the ability to shape their ears with splinting of the ear. A visit to your local plastic surgeon should allow you to see what options are available to you.