What can cause heart flutter with arm numbness?

Many things. The two are not necessarily related. Heart flutter, if you mean sensations of fluttering in the chest, can be caused by an abnormal heart rhythm. But palpitatios can occur even if the rhythm is regular. Numbness of an arm is commonly caused by pressure on a nerve which can occur in the neck, elbow, or wrist. Occasionally, arm numbness can occur with heart chest pain. Also can occur with stroke.
Palpitation. They are not necessarily connected. If they always happen together see your doctor to be evaluated.

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Possible heart attack? I'm 26 Been having palpitations, dizziness that goes away when sitting or lying down and left arm numbness/burning for few days

See a doctor. Palpitations and dizziness that disappear with sitting or lying down are not suggestive of an acute heart attack, but these symptoms need evaluation. The numbness and burning of the left arm may or may not be related. There are many possibilities for these symptoms, including panic disorder, episodic irregular heart beats, anemia. Please see your doctor for examination and appropriate tests.
Get echo. You do need to see a doctor soon. Need ECG echocardiogram, thyroid function testing and other labs if necessary. Please do it urgently.

I am 32 yrs female I been having left arm numbness and my upper back its been hurting on and off its that a sing of a heart attack?

Chest pain. What you describe is likely musculoskeletal. You can see your doc to be sure and to have an work up or treatment that may be appropriate.
Heart attack. Women tend to have variable and atypical symptoms. Please see your pcp if your symptoms have resolved or go to the er if you have on going symptoms.

I have left arm numbness and heaviness like and my neck, and I been checked no signs of heart attck or stroke what else can it be? Its worrying me a lot

Radiculopathy. You may have a pinched nerve in the neck. It's called cervical radiculopathy. Mri and emg/ncv study usually are needed to diagnose this problem.

Is my arm numbness and dizziness something to be concerned about? Hi, I'm a 23 year old male, non smoker, no serious health issues in the past, no family history of heart issues or anything of that nature. I'm a stock trader, and recently when I am enteri

Please. Please see your doctor and have a complete evaluation. Your vital sign should be checked and you may need an ekg and other testing. Describe your symptoms to your doctor; it may be helpful to write them down first. Dizziness and left arm numbness are concerning symptoms and you need a complete evaluation. If you had worsening symptoms, any chest pain, felt faint or pass out, then you would have to go to the er.
Yes. Arm numbness can be associated with cardiac and other chest issues, since pain is often referred, and also can be associated with something pressing on the nerves as they exit the spine, or go through the axilla (armpit), or further down the arm. It is not normal, and if has been persistent, you should see your health care provider.

I have chest pain that last a long time off and on left arm numbness rapid heart beat. Mainly happens at night.?

Needs to get checked. You are young, and heart attack is less likely, unless, of couse, you are a drug user, but there are plenty of things that may couse similar symptoms at your age, some of them are serious enough, bottom line, you need to go to the doctor and get it checked, it is the only way to find out what is causing it and make sure that you'll be ok.
Chest pain. Need to see a doctor or cardiologist to rule out heart related problems.

Chest pain, arm numbness, doctor did a physical and took BP and pulse. He said it's most likely a nerve pinch because my heart sounds well...

? other tests? At 18 you are at low risk for a heart problem but I have seen pericarditis in younger kids with similar symptoms. An ekg and/or cardiac enzymes would rule out most issues that combine arm numbness with chest pain. Without the arm numbness I would consider heartburn/reflux more likely. However having a more extensive history with timing/duration/activities & exam would allow a more thorough answer.

Waking up once a month with heart pounding & arm numbness? Heart test fine at mayo. Sleep study normal at mayo? Brain MRI norm? Goes away within 5minute

Holter? Waking up with arm numbness that resolves in a few minutes is a common and normal occurrence. It's due to compression neuropathy from positioning during sleep. Getting up and moving around relieves it. For your heart pounding, ask to wear a 24 hour Holter (heart) monitor to see what your heart is doing when you awaken. Many people have a.m. anxiety which results in fast but normal HR till calm.

What causes numbness/tingling in right hand and arm as well as heart palpitations and dizziness?

PALPITATIONS W/U. Palpitations that symptomatic deserve a prompt W/U: exam/labs especially TFTS/EKG/Event Monitor/ECHO andThe discussion of treatment options with your doctor. While you are waiting eliminate caffeine focus on staying hydrated. If palpitations worsen or syncope develops go directly to the ER stick to a GF diet WholeApproach. Com gutbliss. Com ANXIETY AND HYPERVENTILATION CAN CAUSE NUMBNESS.

Right arm numbness for 3 days no heart problems been checked I do have cervical neck disc bulges and a sinus infection could that be the cause?

Neck discs. If the disc herniation is pinching a nerve in the spine, then this could explain your symptoms. You should follow up with your doctor for further evaluation and management.