Sleep problems/drooping eyelids/eye strain?

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Eye problems include drooping eyelids/eye strain. Is this serious?

Droopy lids/strain. May be due separate issues. 1-droopy lids due to weak lid muscle (called ptosis). 2-the eye strain due to a need for glasses or reading glasses. --or-- they both could be due to dry eye syndrome, try otc artificial tears 4-6x per day.

I have drooping eyelids and eye strain. What can I do?

See doctor. You need to rule out myasthenia or horner's syndrome. Most likely its just typical age-related ptosis, depending on your age, of course.
See an eye doctor. Tjhe eye strain needs to be properly diagnosed. If it is due to drooping eyelids, the solution is an eyelid lifting surgery. If the strain is due to vision itself then corrective glasses or contacy lenses are the solutions. A dry syndrome can also produce eye strain which by proper diet and eyedrops can be aleviated. Youe eye doctor can distinguish the cause.

Should I be concerned about severe loss of vision in one eye (over one year), recently drooping eyelid, sleep issues, and pineal gland cyst?

Yes. Please see a doctor today! Any loss of vision with other symptoms such as eyelid droop should be evaluated quickly. Please seek help from your doctor and good luck!
Yes. Yes. You should have seen an eye doctor long ago. I would not wait any longer. Go see an eye doctor asap.

I woke up this morning with drooping eyelid in my left eye. I have been having headaches on and off, although I am not having one right now.

Ptosis. Sounds like ptosis (a weakness of the levator muscle in the eylid) Headaches suggestive of inflammatory process. Bells palsy can look similar but it is seldom isolated only to the eyelid. Have your situation evaluated by MD. Your condition is not normal and could have other causes.