Is it serious to have a heart palpitation and a murmur?

Usually not. Generally the two are not related to each other. A murmur is a sound caused by the flow of blood in the heart. In children and young adults, most murmurs are normal sounds ("innocent" murmurs), but some may be caused by problems with the heart. Similarly, most palpitations (feeling the heart beating) are also normal, but they can also be caused by abnormal heart rhythms. Check with your doctor.
Depends. Depends on what your actual symptoms are and the severity. I would recommend that you be evaluated by your physician to determine if you need an echocardiogram to further evaluate.

Related Questions

What does it mean to have lots of heart murmurs and palpitations?

Definition. Heart murmur is an extra heart sound heard on examination that is related to turbulent flow through the heart. Palpitation is a sensation of unusual, rapid, irregular, or strong heart beating which may be due to an abnormal heart rhythm.

Can you have children if you have heart murmurs and randomly palpitations?

Possible pregnancy. Absolutely can have children! Those are not reasons to not maintain a pregnancy.
Some murmurs. Are worse than others, depending on your diagnosis you might require special care to make it through a pregnancy and delivery.

Can having palpitations while having a heart murmur be a sign of something bad?

Depends. It depends to a large degree what the cause of your heart murmur is. Some are benign. Some are not. Palpitations are present in nearly everyone sometimes and their significance depends on the underlying health of your heart. An echocardiogram and Holter exam would go a long way in determining if yours are serious.

I was diagnose with a heart murmur years ago, now I recently started having palpitations.?

No way to tell. Most murmurs and palpitations are benign but there is no way of knowing from the limited information given. See your physician.

What causes heart murmurs, palpitations and a faster than normal heart beat?

Stimulants. Stimulants increase the heart rate and make the heart more irritable and prone to irregular rhythms that would be perceived as palpitations. In addition to increasing the heart rate, some increase the strenght of the hear beat resulting in more blood being pumped that may cause a murmur, even in the absence of a heart defect. These stimulant may be ingested substances or internally produced.

Can mvp with heart murmur cause palpitations w/ SOB? It only last for a second. Should I give my heart dr. A call or is it normal.?

It is ok. MVP can cause Palpitation. As a rule any heart symptoms which lasts less than 30 seconds are not emergency and are benign symptoms. Anxiety makes all the symptoms worse so try to take deep breath. It increases Vagal tone and helps Slow down the HR. It also hel your Anxiety.