Is chronic pancreatitis curable?

Usually not. By the time diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis is made, there is usually scarring of the pancreas and decline in function of the gland. There may be damage to both the exocrine part involved in digestion and endocrine part leading to diabetes. Whether there is further of continuing damage would depend on the cause and interventions taken.

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Is chronic pancreatitis curable in homeopathy?

NO. Chronic pancreatitis is a well defined entity characterized by the presitent inflammation of the pancreas with gradual destruction of the functional tissue and deposition of fibrous (scar) tissue. It produces pain, usually with the intake of food, and eventually bad digestion and diabetes (exocrine and endocrine insuficiency). The most common cause is alcohol related.
Sometimes. Of all the modalities I have studied, homeopathy is my favorite because it has the potential to heal even serious conditions like chronic pancreatitis that western medicine consider incurable. There are case reports of cures in the homeopathic literature. There is no guarantee that everyone with pancreatitis will be cured & to have a decent chance I advise consulting with an experienced homeopath.