Breast revision is needed how many years after implants?

If it's not broke... There is no set time that a woman will benefit from breast revision surgery. It may be after childbirth, weight loss or gain, etc. Another cause would be it the implant has failed. Every case is different and the amount of surgery required will vary. I hope this helps.
No specific time. Breast implants do not need revision in the absence of problems. There seems to be information going around that implants need replacing every 10 years--that is nonsense. If there is no problem such as capsular contracture, deflation, or leakage, no revision is necessary.
Good question. Misinformation abounds regarding this question. Revision may be indicated for many reasons such as size concerns, asymmetries and malposition. Although breast implants are not lifetime devices, there is no mandated time period for removal. This depends on the presence of problems (pain, deformity, rupture) and should be a joint decision between patent and surgeon. Hopefully no less than 12-15 yrs.
No set expiration. There is no set expiration date.If a patient has no symptoms i.e. Breast shape has not changed, the breasts have not become harder or painful then more than likely the implants are intact;the patient does not need anything. On the other hand if changes are noticed by the patient or are picked up by a mammogram, ultrasound or MRI then revisional surgery maybe required. Talk to your plastic surgeon.
Breast Revision. Breast revision is needed when you have a problem with the breast implants. If everything is fine and you still like the size, shape and you are not experiencing any complications (such as scar tissue, deflation, mal-position, etc..) there is no need to have surgery.
Depends. Breast revision surgery is performed when there is a problem with the previous procedure. For breast augmentation, breast implant rupture, capsular contracture and desire to change size are among the leading causes. If there is no problem, there is no expiration date for breast implants, so they are left alone.