Ankle ligament surgery recovery. How many weeks of pt is needed afterwards?

Depends on type. The recovery depends on the kind of ligament surgery you had. In general the first month after you are in a boot or cast to allow healing to occur. You will progress to a brace, your dr. May start out with simple home exercises first. Formal physical therapy is typically 1-3 months depending on the progress. Full recovery takes 6-12 months. Don't forget to ice and elevate!

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How long is ankle ligament surgery recovery time?

5-8 months. Depending on the actual procedure that is done, most people are nonweightbearing in a cast for 4-6 weeks then weightbearing cast for 4-6 weeks, then pt. Most are not running for 5 months or longer. I have developed a new procedure that the recovery is 1 wk in a orthoboot nwb, 2nd week is weightbearing, 3rd week pt, running by 5-6 weeks.

What is the usual recovery time for ankle ligament surgery?

Depends. There are several ankle ligaments that can be torn from an injury. In general, the first month you are in a cast or boot to allow healing. Your doctor will progress you to a brace and physical therapy when he feels you are ready. "recovery time" depends on your desired activity. Most people are resuming their desired activity within 4-6 months...High impact 6-12. Bike, swim, walk earlier.

Little nervous for my 'reconstructive ankle ligament surgery' and length of recovery?

Normal. It is normal to be nervous about any surgery. No one even me likes to have surgery. But, if your ankle is affecting your quality of life on a regular basis then absolutely, consider it. I would be sure you have at least tried some physical therapy and bracing to see if this helps first. But yes, return to full activity could take 4-6 months, the first being in a cast or boot. Good luck!

When is ankle ligament surgery neccassory?

If you have pain. Or if you get repeated ankle sprains.
When. It does not heal by conservative treatment or if the damage is too sever.
Depends. If you are having chronic pain ANA are continuously turning your foot and ankle and a brace is no longer helpful then surgery may be a solution.
Ankle Ligament Sx. There is an old 'talar tilt' evaluation performed by stressing the ankle in inversion and taking an x-ray, but I avoid this uncomfortable test with my patients. A simple 'anterior drawer' test and MRI evaluation is sufficient if your surgeon is experienced. On that note, an intra-articular injection would add to the exam to rule out internal joint damage and a potential arthroscopic procedure.
Sense of instability. If you have persistant feeling of instability or chronic spraining of an ankle unresponsive to physical therapy with a positive stress xray you are a candidate for ligament surgery. Need to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon who will examine/evaluate you and go over the risks and benefits of the surgery. You may need addition treatment of other associated problems like avn talus or peroneal.

What do you do during torn ankle ligament surgery?

Repair ligament. The most common procedure is the modified brostrum, which sews the ends of the ligaments back together. Other procedures use a section of tendon from a muscle or cadaver graft. Recovery can be from 5-8 months including casting for 2-3 months. I actually have developed a new procedure that creates a new ligament. With a recovery time of 2 months with no casting.

What is torn ankle ligament surgery like; painful?

Can Be. Any surgery can be painful. A torn ligament or sprain can be very painful. Some people tell me it is worse than when they broke it. Most ligament injuries do not require surgery. Depending on the type a cast, boot or brace may be used in the early treatment with ice and elevation. Physical therapy is important to gain motion, strength and balance back to hopefully prevent injury.

What is the definition or description of: ankle ligament surgery?

Surgical repair of. Ankle ligaments can be a pretty involved procedure, using tendons to replace torn ligaments, looping them through bone, or it could just involve repairing the torn ligament (s), depending on the extent of the injury and the activity of the patient. Couch potatoes don't need the same level of reconstruction as athletes. Discuss options with your surgeon.
Repair stability. Ankle ligament surgery involves repairing your existing ligaments to strengthen and add stability to your ankle. There are many types of surgery involved with the ankle including arthroscopic which may be accomplished through very small incisions.
See below. It is the lengthening, shortening, retorting or stabilizing of any ligament that crosses the ankle joint.