I injuured my foot the bone on the right side of my left foot that connects to the big toe is red and swollen what's the fastest way to recover for mma?

RICE. The standard treatment for acute injuries is: rest- stay off your foot as much as possible, ice- ice the area 20-30 min 2-3 times a day, compression- use an ace wrap to reduce swelling and limit movement, elevation- elevation above your heart often. Best to have it evaluated for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Dr l.
Rest. Avoid further impact to your foot. You may also need an x-ray to rule out fracture of the metatarsal bone. If you know how you injured the foot that can help your doctor sort out the possibilities. Did you injure it kicking or grappling? Different injuries can occur based on the mechanism of injury. It is even possible you may have developed gout in the foot. See your doc to rule it out.
Possible gallbladder. Patient needs to have a complete history and physical. Then lab tests and x-ray with gallblader study. If all ok then continue with ct scan and maybe mri. After fhis if problems continue upper and lower scoping would be in order.