What are the options of contraception for a woman with liver problems and after cholestasis of pregnancy?

Not hormones. You can use local methods condoms, diaphragm, if u do not want any more kids, office sterilzation, is easier and safer than laparoscopic tubal coagulation. I currently do both adiana and essure in the offcie. If you have a c-section, the tubes can be tied at that time. But as you know tubal methods are permanent, but with your condition, another pregnancy could be risky.

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What is the result of liver function tests in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy?

Cholestasis. You could elevated bilirrubin and alkaline phosphatase predominantly. Others sucn as transaminases can be elevated too. They will all normalize upon delivery.

I had cholestasis of pregnancy. I am over 2mo post delivery and the itching hasn't gone away. Liver function tests are normal. What do I do now?

Specialist. The itching from cholestasis should resolve 24-48 hrs after delivery. If you are still itching then it is from something else. Schedule a visit with an allergy/immunology specialist or perhaps a dermatologist.