Does the flu cause heart palpitations?

No but. Being ill does. Fever, dehydration, diminished appetite with electrolyte imbalance and some over the counter remedies can all lead to irregularity of the heart rhythm.
Could be... Viral infections are known to cause inflamation of heart muscles (myocarditis) or the heart's outer layer (pericarditis). If you develop any of it, along with the flu, u might get palpitaions. Also some cold remedies can cause palpitations!

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Is it normal to have heart palpitations that is relived by burping while having the flu? I've had chills with no fever at night as well.

Influenza. If you have influenza as diagnosed by specific testing, this is a recognised cause of myocarditis, and can lead to significant impairment of cardiac function and mortality. Other viral causes of an influenza-like illness can also be responsible for cardiomyopathy. Strongly suggest you see a doctor and get fully evaluated and tested. Good news is that complete recovery is the rule. Good luck.

Had the flu since tuesday! Now having trouble breathing, dizziness, heart palpitations. Should I go 2 er? If I do would they do blood work/ ekg?

Be seen. The palpitations should prompt you to be seen. As to the flu, keep hydrated and take tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin for fevers and body aches. You should take tamiflu early in the course of the disease, but it is too late for it to make a difference now.

Am I feeling heart palpitations, hard time breathing, throat blocked, flu like symptom's?

See doctor NOW!! Shortness of breath is a serious symptom that can be life-threatening. So, it is a symptom requiring an emergent evaluation. "throat closing" and heart palpitations, in conjunction with shortness of breath, is also potentially life-threatening. You need to be evaluated in an er so these symptoms can be diagnosed and treated right away!