Doctor said I have folliculitis. I say genital herpes. I'm paranoid and they never bother testing me and gave me cream to put don't know what to do.?

Do a herpes culture. Culture of the lesions, if the culture is + , it means herpes, if it is negative, it does not necessarily mean you do not have herpes , but, then you can do blood herpes antibodies for type 1 and type 2 , if the antibodies are + and you have never had a cold sore then most likely the lesions are herpes, go for a second opinion to a different doctor if you are worried.
Basic issue. If you don't trust your doc & find his/her attitude dismissive of your concern you should get a 2nd opinion.Primary & secondary herpes lesions are simple to diagnose by visual exam as is folliculitis. There are some tests that can be done if the findings are not clear, but usually unnecessary. If you value your conclusion more than the docs, it will take more proof to confirm or exclude that label.