Neroma foot pain what is best treatment?

Few options. One to wear wide front shoes and metatarsal bar to left the pressure off the area. The second to use anti-inflammatory medication to try get a relief, or have injection of steroid in the area. The last option is to surgery to take off that neroma.
Injection therapy. A neuroma can be alleved with wider shoes, offloading metatarsal pad, orthotics and antiinflammatories. Often when these treatments fail, alcohol injection therapy is effective. A cortisone injection may also be used to treat a neuroma but should be limited to no more than 2 or 3 injections and should be weak in potency to avoid tissue atrophy to the interspace.
See a foot doctor. Neuroma pain responds well to wider shoes, ice, anti-inflammatories, and use of a metatarsal pad to offload the ball of the foot.
Foot pad. If your pain is due to a neuroma, a wide shoe box with firm sole and metatarsal pad is often the first line treatment.
Symptomatic Relief. Change shoes to wider toe and lower heel. Ice massage ball of foot. Topical anti-inflammatories. See your podiatrist if symptoms persist.
Injections/surgery. Neuromas are inflammation and/or damage to the nerve. If you treat the problem early, you have a better chance for success. Cortisone injections, nsaids, good shoes and supports can sometimes help. If your symptoms have been present for greater than 6 months, then conservative care is not as successful. Usually, surgical removal is the definitive treatment for chronic problems. Dr l.
I vote . For injection therapy with dehydrated alcohol. .