Injured heel 2.5 weeks ago jumping 2hi down cement stairs. Xray said not broken, still painful. I am a runner, very antsy. When do I c a specialist?

Now. The x-ray only told that it wasn't broken, not that there wasn't anything wrong. You should see a specialist to determine the reason for your pain. A simple contusion (bruise) would have healed by now. Something else must be wrong.
Now. If you are having pain that is not improving despite the fact that you've had negative x-rays, it is time to see a specialist who can give you a more in depth evaluation. Visit apma.Org, acfas.Org or aaos.Org for a doc near you.
Heel pain . I recommend seeing one now to determine if u need further studies. Like an mri.
Heel injury. If x-rays negative, and still symptomatic, follow up with specialist for further evaluation. May need further studies such as an mri.