I've sweaty palms n feet. Is there anyway I can reduce d sweating other than surgery?

Her are the ways you. Can treat sweaty palms and soles or palmoplantar hyperhidrosis involves patient education, topical applications, use of galvanic current, injections and surgery.
Hyperhidrosis. There are treatments for hyperhidrosis: antiperspirants, medications like oral glycopyrrolate, topical drysol, topical 3% glycopyrrolate, iontophoresis, Botox and endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy.
Apply salt stick. Topical salt sticks can be purchased at most every drug store. Most people apply them to the arm pits; but it works on hands as well. Dry sol is a non prescription liquid your pharmacist can provide to you. For severe problems a prescription strength solution can be available. In extreme cases Botox injections may help.
Hyperhydrosis. There is a condition (hyperhydrosis) where the sweat glands are overactive. This can be anywhere-hands, feet, armpits, groin. There is a topical medication (drysol) that when applied decreases excessive sweating in these areas. This medication is a prescription-so you will need to see your doctor.
Excessive sweat. You can try a strong topical product like drysol, or an oral medication called pilocarpine. Certainly they are not cure-alls, but may help (and may have side effects).