My exclusively breastfeed babies stool has mintgreen things and its armygreen in colour & runny, what could be the problem & how do I solve it.?

Baby stool. It is probably normal if the baby is exclusively breast fed. There was some tarry greenish stool in the colon during pregnancy, and it slowly comes out over the first few weeks, which is probably what accounts for the greenish color. The consistency of normal baby stool varies from very, soft, wet mushy (usually sweet smelling) stools to firm. Unless the stools are very watery, don't be concerned.
A pediatrician. You should have already called your baby's doctor and asked that office this question, or please have the healthtap send this ? To a pediatrician that is a member.
Not a problem! Stools can be also be a greenish color thanks to the bile from the gall bladder-emulsifying fats. Yellow seedy mustard is another example of a normal stool in infants. This is not grounds for seeking care-especially if your baby is feeding and growing well and developing appropriately.
Pretty common. The greenish color in stool is the breakdown product of the bile when it has not been in the gut long enough to go through a change to yellowish or brown. It is normal as is the loose consistency. Some digested material will take on a darker tint than others & the germs in the gut will also impact the final product. I'd ignore the whole issue.