How to stop smoking and how to find if I have lung cancer?

See MD. 2nd part easier to answer; see md get examined; may need add. Tests, incl: chest xray, screening chest ct (more sensitive than cxr for small abnorm.), pulmonary function tests (check for emphysema), cardiac test (increased risk with smokers). Stoping: if cold turkey, acupuncture, hypnosis work for you-fine; meds-nicotine replacement, buproprion, varenicline-all can work, all w/poss side effects.
Get professional ass. Alltough easy to say, you have to stop smoking. By understanding the risks should be enough but nicotine & other components in cigarettes are addictive. Those who seek help/ assistance in concomitant use of a medication are the most succesful. At present lung cancer surveillance requires a chest film or at times a ct but close follow up & be aware of symptoms are enough.

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How can someone have lung cancer and not stop smoking?

Addiction. Addiction does not respect medical consequences. Some addicts hit bottom after a serious consequence; for others the consequence is just one more reason to remain hopelessl.
Initially smoking is. A choice, but after a short time, many become hopelessly addicted to nicotine. The tobacco companies even today will not admit that their product is addicted. So despite expressing a desire to quit, many are simply unable. Others really do not want to quit. Many deny the connection, and blame it on exposures to the incinerator next door or solvents at work. False, but denial is a protective means.
Addiction. Use of tobacco is addictive. As with many other addictions, people have difficulty "kicking" the habit even in the face of risk of death.

When I smoke it hurts in my lungs. Is it really possible too feel pain in the lungs? I will stop smoking. Have I developed first stage lung cancer?

Possible, prob. Not. Yes, it is possible to feel pain in your lungs. Your body is trying to give you a message to stop. Please listen to it! Smoking is the worst thing you can do for your health, not only increasing risk of lung & many other cancers but emphysema, heart disease, stroke & greatly accelerates aging. Unfortunately, lung cancer is usually painless. It's very unlikely you have it at your age. See comment:.
No. If it hurts when you smoke, stop smoking. Don't make excuses or imagine symptoms. If you are that concerned, ask your doctor about a chest x-ray, but in reality, you are too young for that problem. Just stop smoking.

How effective is smoking cessation for treating lung cancer?

It's not. NO cancer will go away simply because the person stopped smoking. It still requires chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery, and sometimes all 3. However, in those who do NOT stop smoking after diagnosis, the chances of success are much less than in those who do stop (almost twice the success rate in quitters). If this is you or a loved one, a cessation program and medication are warranted.