My w2 yr old has fever. No cough or sneezing. Its been over 101 for the last 2 days? What cld it be? She takes tyenol and ibeprofun

Infection. Most likely a viral infection, but watch for any progression or additional symptoms.
Usually a viral infe. Viral infections are common. If after 3 days it persist then medical advise is required. In the meantime, fluids, rest & antipyretic treatment as required. Some children may develop seizures upon high temperature, then watch closely as far as no strange secretions or other changes.
Viral? Fever itself is never an evil "symptom." it is a sign of an infection that if fully vaccinated-may be a virus (vs bact.) that will improve with"comfort" care and support. Numbers on a thermometer are not as important as associated symptoms/comfort and severity/duration. You may watch and wait for your toddler-offer meds if he tolerates/needs it. Follow up with your pediatrician if things worsen.