Could heart palpitations be fatal?

Heart palpatations. Palpitations are the sensation of an abnormal heart beat. Many types of irregular heartbeats are not harmful and are common for everyone throughout a normal day, we just do not feel them as palpitations, necessarily. However, some irregular heart beats are dangerous and require attention. This symptom should be reported immediately to your physician.
Sure, if... This is possible if the palpitations are due to something called sustained ventricular tachycardia (or its kissing cousin, torsades). Otherwise, no, the palpitations are almost always an annoying, but not fatal problem.

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Why could I keep getting heart palpitations?

Several reasons. Palpitations are a sensation of skipped or extra beats that some people feel. Often palpitations are benign, due to infrequent skipped beats and not related to any heart problem. In others, palpitations can be an indication of a heart condition that requires medical attention. Reducing caffeine and alcohol intake are general steps that anyone with palpitations can take. If it persists see your md. Read more...
Palpitation treat. Treatments include not using caffeine, alcohol , street drugs, smoking and other stimulant substances. Try to learn meditation and other calming techniques, cut out herbal substances, cough and cold medicines, nutritional supplements, see your doctor to be sure no direct heart problem and for treatment if the basics above don't help. Read more...