How do I find right surgeon for a eagle beaked nose from first nose job?

Trusted sources. Ask for referrals from trusted sources such as your primary care physician or other healthcare professionals. Confirm hospital credentials and good standing with local and national professional societies as well as licensure/training. Avoid resources is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Find a Surgoen site:
Rhinoplasty. Be sure to have your nose evaluated by a board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
Revision nose job. Sorry to hear about your problem. It sounds like you may have a poly beak deformity. You should interview several surgeons and see how experienced they are with revision rhinoplasty, how many cases of this type they do, try to talk to some patients that have had revision surgery. It is hard to know for sure, but if the surgeon does mostly breast implant surgery maybe look for somebody else.
Facial plastic surge. If there is both an appearance and breathing problem seek out a facial plastic surgeon who is experienced in revision rhinoplasty. Both nasal function and appearance are important!