Standards for abnormal behavior from mental health professionals?

Similar standards. Each mental health practitioner type has its own professional code, but there are important similarities. All should be compassionately present with you, maintaining both confidentiality and appropriate therapeutic boundaries. They should use your session time to address your needs as a patient, rather than their personal needs, etc. Divergence from these standards would be abnormal.
Be more specific. Textbooks have been written on this topic, and the answer is much too long and broad to address here. I'd like to help, but please be more specific.
Standard exist below. Abnormal behavior interferes with the ability of the person to engage tasks in a manner acceptable by society's standards. Abnormal behavior are dependent on the age of the person assessed. A child who exhibits extreme opposition defiance, aggression, rage, or destructive behaviors or adults that are anti-social, unkempt, talk to themselves, erupt with anger have abnormal behavior.