Could anxiety affect your heart beat?

Certainly. Indeed stress or anxiety can increase heart rate. In fact some people mistake a panic attack for a heart attack. Do not underestimate the power of your emotions to effect your health.

Related Questions

How can excercise help anxiety if it makes your heart beat faster?

Endorphins = calm. When one exercises at a moderate comfortable level, the mind has time to solve problems and answer questions that you may be pondering when you are more busy. Endorphins are released which gives one an empowered feeling and sets the tone for the rest of the day. The key is moderate, and in this way, the heart is elevated and you are sweating but you can breathe and talk.

Just had a skipped heart beat after a few minuts of anxiety should I be worried? My tests are all normal

More tests. I think you should have a basic ekg and possible 24 hr monitor to check heart rate variability. I f these are normal, you should keep an eye if it recurs for further evaluation.

Feeling a strange heart beat, can someone please help me stop worrying? Is it just my anxiety, or is it a heart problem?

Abnormal heart beat. The only to give you a proper diagnosis and therefor relief from anxiety if possible, is to see a physician for an evaluation.

What is a heart beat that's too slow? My rest hr is aprx 40 bpm. Used to have anxiety where it was closer to 80 at r. Too low? Active but no athlete.

An EKG may help. While a HR to the 40s can be a normal variant there are several conditions that can also cause a low heart rate or bradycardia, some of which can be harmful. It may be worth it to get an EKG to evaluate your heart rhythm to make sure that there are no harmful rhythms.

My pulse is fast and strong. More than 100 bpm, can feel heart beat rapidly even when im resting. I don't think its anxiety. Should I be worried?

Tachycardia. U need thorough evaluation by your family doctor to rule out several things such as anemia or thyroid problem or heart issues, etc. Wish u well.
See a doctor. Rapid heartbeat can be a sign of anxiety, but more worrisome causes include thyroid disturbances, chemical imbalance in the blood, low blood counts, complication of medical therapy or dehydration. See your doctor and get checked out. And don't wait around. Some of these problems can be serious.

I am constantly aware of my heart beat. It's not necessarily fast, but I can always feel it in my chest. I have severe anxiety. Could this cause it?

Yes. Normal events can preoccupy us when we have high anxiety. If you have the patience for non-prescription treatment of anxiety you are an excellent candidate for stress reduction techniques, most notably meditation and/or yoga.