Extra saliva and mucus from HIV treatment?

Not common. Having extra saliva and mucus as a result of HIV treatment is very uncommon and not something I have seen in my patients on HIV treatment.
No. Atripla is the most common prescription medicine used to treat hiv-1 infection in adults. If this is what you are on increased saliva and mucus is not a common side effect. Stomach pain with nausea and vomiting is and this could increase saliva and mucus. This side effect is not that uncommon.

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What do I do about extra saliva and mucus from hiv?

See your doctor. Dry mouth causes decay.It is highly likely that the cocktail of medications you are taking are reducing your salivary flow, and as a result the usually thicker saliva produced in certain salivary glads is not moist enough and not being diluted enough for normal comfort. Have your dentists and your doctor discuss your case together and see if there is a different regime that works better for you. Neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts. Read more...

Extra saliva, sometimes thick, spitting white mucus. Is it a stomach problem?

Difficult to diagnos. From the brief description. Would start off with an evaluation by your physician. Could be a host of things. Sorry i can't be more specific. Hope this helps. Read more...