Are there medications to counter lost hope, despair?

Yes, but ... Start with a psychiatric evaluation.The use of medication and excellent psychotherapy can really give many a second chance. I have been a gratified practitioner for several decades; I am impressed what is possible now, including the consideration of the ''physical''. Do you not deserve excellent care?
Talk to your doctor. While there are no medications specifically for “lost hope” or “despair”, antidepressants are very effective in addressing these symptoms. Psychotherapy is also very effective. Please talk to your doctor about these feelings. He/she can assess and discuss options for treatment and referrals as needed.
Yes, there is help. Yes, there are antidepressant medications that can help. Consult with a psychiatrist about this. Also, people often need talk therapy in conjunction with medications, because medicines only manage symptoms. One needs to understand the person experiencing the lost hope and despair, to see what is needed or possibly missing in his/her life. Relief and healing are possible.
Antidepressants? Sounds like youre describing a depressive experience. Antidepressants can be very helpful, especially in combination with psychotherapy. Exploring and resolving underlying issues is key! wishing you well...