My doctor said that caffeine and chocolate cause lumpy breasts?

Possible. Caffeine intake is associted with fibrocystic or lumpy breasts.

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My doctor said that caffeine can cause lumpy breasts?

No strong evidence. There is no strong evidence that caffeine is related to development of fibrocystic disease of the breast. In some women caffeine can cause breast pain. However elimination of caffeine has not been effective in controlled trials to relieve breast pain, although, in some women, it seems to be helpful.

I was told I have fibrocystic lumpy breasts 10 years ago but my doctor has never done any imaging. Is this normal?

Yes. Imaging is not very good in dense breasts. Fibrocystic change is very common. A change or a single suspicious area would be an indication for imaging but routine screening is recommended to begin at age 40 in those at normal risk. This would be earlier if you had a mother or sister with breast cancer in which you would begin screening 5 years earlier than the age at which she was diagnosed.

Heavy and lumpy breasts does it mean low or high progesterone? How long can this go on for? Been checked by my doctor few weeks ago

Not just progesteron. The breast structure is affected by progesterone, estrogen, prolactin, growth factor, Insulin and thyroid. It is the fluctuation and interactin of the hormons that may result in fibrocystic breasts, .

Doctors, is it true caffeine makes your breasts smaller? Scientific studies say if you drink 3 cups of coffe a day it will

Poorly done study. The study you are referring to (a got a bit of press) was involved few participants and could not conclude that coffee drinking caused smaller breasts. This was study was featured as worst science of the week: http://blogs. Discovermagazine. Com/discoblog/2008/10/27/worst-science-article-of-the-week-drinking-coffee-shrinks-your-breasts/#.Upc0lqxfzbc.

Have lumpy breasts before period, after the lumpiness is there, but much less. Do fibrocystic lumps need to disappear or just increase and decrease?

Decrease in size. Fibrocystic breast disease is a common condition. Usually women will notice an increase in size and discomfort before menses (approximately 1-2 weeks prior) and a reduction in size and discomfort with the menses/period.