When is it safe to give my baby cow's milk?

1 years. A 1 year old baby can switch off of formula and start whole cow milk. Formula is somewhat more nutritious but is much more expensive. A baby who is a picky eater and eats little solid food, or has almost no variety in his choice of solid foods, will probably not get enough iron and vitamins from his diet. Such a baby may be better off drinking formula instead of milk, until age 18 months.
1 years. You should not give your baby cow's milk until she is one year old. Cow's milk in infants can cause intestinal problems such as bleeding in the intestines, which might be so faint that you can't see it in your baby's poop. Breast milk and formula are the only kinds of milk a baby should have until the age of one year.
1 years. Babies can drink cow's milk-based formulas from birth, cow's milk-based yogurt from around 6-9 months, but shouldn't be given plain cow's milk until they are 1 year old. They should drink about 18 ounces of whole milk a day (too much more than that can cause iron deficiency anemia). Starting at age 2 you should switch the whole milk over to low fat or skim milk.