Wat are the side effects of brethine (terbutaline) on a baby?

See below. The most common side effects of terbutaline on a fetus include increased heartbeat, increased blood Insulin levels, abnormal blood sugar levels (either too high or too low), jaundice and low blood pressure. Fortunately, these side effects have a low incidence of long-term damage on the newborn and are typically easy to treat.

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What are the side effects of brethine (terbutaline) as an infant?

Temporary. Brethine (terbutaline) was once used for asthma, but is now more commonly used in late pregnancy to stop preterm contractions. Should not be given to infants/kids. Wears off quickly, so if used to stop labor & labor doesn't stop, by time baby is born med has worn off. In anyone of any age, the most common side effect of terbutaline is brief spell of feeling flushed, fast heart rate or jitteriness. Read more...