Can heart palpitations be dangerous?

Yes. Yes they can be, but most are benign. You should see a doctor about them to determine if they are dangerous or not.
Possible. Palpitations if associated with cardiac dysrhthmias could be dangerous. To find out irregularities in your heart rhthm you shoud have a holter monitor. This test could be ordered by a cardiologist.

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Are heart palpitations dangerous?

Depends. There are a variety of palpitations some dangerous some not. I may have just answered another question that could have been yours as well. The cardiologist will look at what arrythmia (palpitation) you have and that will determine if its dangerous or not. Its important if you are having them to see a cardiologist have a halter to monitor your heart ekg for a few days and find out what you have.

Is heart palpitations from low magnesium dangerous?

Usually not. They type of palpitations with low magnesium are usually more benign such as PACs and PVCs, but it does depend on the individual. Ideally having a monitor during the palpitations will help confirm if significant issue.

Due to anxiety, I have been getting frequent heart palpitations where it feels like my heart flutters. Is this dangerous to my heart?

Anxiety. Anxiety can certainly raise blood pressure and increase heart rate. However, it is worthwhile to get it checked out by your PCP - perhaps get an EKG done. You may even benefit from a beta blocker.
Not necessarily. Palpitations are a sign that the heart is getting more stimulation from the adrenaline surges that happen in anxiety or panic attacks. Very normal physiologic response. Prolonged surges over years could affect the heart, but at 21 years of age it is very unlikely. If u feel your skipping beats or being irregular u should seek medical help by seeing a doctor.

When is it dangerous for constant heart palpitations & skipped beats? 30yo female, AV node block diagnosed 10yrs ago. Happens every 10sec since thurs

Arrythmia. Any arrythmia can be dangerous, but especially when blood pressure drops and patients become dizzy and/or light-headed. Make sure your thyroid levels are normal as well. An ECG at your local doctor's office or urgent care is a good idea, go to the ER if worse. See a cardiologist and consider a 24 or 48 hour Holter monitor.

Are heart palpitations induced by caffeine consumption dangerous? If so, why?

Yes. It can be, my advise do not consume more than two cups a day, than way u can avoid the palpitation and still enjoy u coffee.

What causes heart palpitations? I feel like heart skips beat. In my chest and neck. Is this dangerous? Started last night been on and off.

? benign. Most likely benign (normal) from Premature atrial or ventricular contractions. But need to have a short visit with your doctor and have EKG in the office the heart monitor for a 1-4 weeks to rule out atrial fibrillation which needs to be identified to reduce the risk of stroke on the future with treatment.
Palpitations. These are caused by many things. Stress, excitement, irritants both physical and chemical, pressure like a hiatal hernia or esophageal push or pull, and primary heart things, the causes are very many in number.

Heart palpitations for no reason. Dangerous? Just sitting in bed and felt heart start fluttering for five minutes. No history heart problems. Help!

Not dangerous. Everyone gets them on occasion. If they become constant and annoying, there is medication to get rid of them. If it lasted for less than 5 mins. And has not recurred, nothing needs to be done.
Cardiologist. Take this seriously. There are various types of abnormal heart rhythms. You need cardiogram and likely a monitor. Some arrhythmias are serious. Paroxsysmal supra ventricular tachycardia may begin like this but get slowly worse. Some of these are due to genetic disorders. Some are due to thyroid disease or toxicities such as caffeine. Cardiologists are plumbers or electricians. You need an electri.