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I took 650mg of Bayer aspirin one hour ago and the pain still persists. What can I take?

Many therapies, but? There are different causes for pain; in medicine, we prescribe medications for causes; pain medicines target or the nervous system and its pain receptors or the inflammatory process itself. Bayer aspirin targets inflammation, if the problem you have is not only inflammatory, it won't necessarily be sufficient to treat the pain you feel. What was the problem you had?

Which probiotic is better for you, Cultural or true biotics by Bayer (aspirin)?

No way to know. Not only has there not been well-designed studies comparing different types of probiotic supplements, there is little evidence so far to support the general use of probiotics except in specific clinical circumstances. Having said that, there have been only rare instances of adverse effects from taking probiotics, so you are unlikely to hurt yourself by taking them. Either would be fine. Good luck.