When can I stop doing nighttime feedings?

Night time feeds. Most babies can sleep through the night by the time they are 4 to 6 months of age. It also depends on other things as, when do you give him his last feed, and at what time do you actually put the infant to bed. Try to give your baby a late last feed of the night and see what he or she does. It also helps if your baby can self soothe and have his own space to sleep, so it will be easier to sleep.
4 to 6 months. For most babies this is between 4 and 6 months of age. This is when babies shoule be able to sleep most of the night and learn to fall back alseep without eating. Specifically for you own baby you can judge this by how quickly your baby closes his/her eyes and drifts into semi-sleep while feeding. At this age that happens quickly with night feeds showing a need to suck to sleep and not hunger.
>10 lb if formula. For the routein 8lb newborn that is formula fed, you may be able to delete a late night feed as they reach ~10 lb. If they seldom take more than an ounce at a 2am feed, offer water instead & they may quit waking to eat. Breast babies process their feed quicker and often continue to night feed until 5-6 mo, but this may be a combination social & nutrition event.
After 3 months. A healthy baby can stop nighttime feedings after 3 months of age. The last evening feeding can be at 11:00pm, and the next feeding after 5:00am. Some babies are very stubborn and will keep crying at night if not fed; but most babies will cry at night and then stop crying when they realize the kitchen is closed until "breakfast time".
If you have a cild that is still requiring night time feeds and you have tried several solutions with no luck, then contact your pediatrician for more discussion and /or evaluation.There is always an exception to the rule. Reflux, small babies, anxious parents can affect nighttime feeds and each situation needs to be addressed at an individual level.
4-6 months. At 4 months babies can sleep from 10pm to 6 am. So technically you can stop nighttime feedings then. It is harder to do if your child sleeps in bed with you as they sense when you more and may snack all night because it is convenient. Also between 4-6 months most babies have started solids which can help them feel more satisfied and they do not need nighttime feedings.