Can an EKG find anything wrong when your heart flutters?

Depends. When you feel fluttering in your chest, it may be due to irregular, rapid heart beat, i.e. "arrythmia." if that is the case, the ekg will only show the abnormality if it is hooked up at the exact moment the symptoms occur, i.e. When the abnormal rhythm is present. (prolonged monitoring, with devices worn at home, can be used to try to capture the rhythm when symptoms of palpitations occur.).
Yes. Yes, if you are having the flutters at the time it is being done, then it will tell if the heart rhythm is normal or abnormal.
Possible. You can have a normal ekg and still have symptoms of fluttering or palpitations. You may need a 24 hr holter monitoring to evaluate the arrhythmia!

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Can severe health anxiety over heart cause frequent heart flutters during the day. Have had multiple ekgs in the past all were normal.

Yes, change it. Stop consuming high carb foods (grains, lentils, potatoes based items). Also avoid milk protein since it causes inflammation. All these foods cause heart disease and anxiety. Consume whole eggs, fish, meats, vegetables, avocados, saturated fat (butter, coconut oil), olive oil daily. Get 30-45 minutes of sunshine daily at noon or take vitD3 10, 000 IU/day. You should notice a difference in 1 month.

I had an ekg because I'm having heart flutters. I have panic attacks but what would have made "widespread changes " in my ekg?

What ARE the changes. It really depends what these changes are. .. some are more worrisome than others. The word "widespread" would mean that the changes are seen in multiple leads suggesting that the finding is seen in multiple areas of your heart. But what the changes are...t wave inversion, ST depression, etc is much more relevant. It may mean nothing much or need further testing. Ask your doctor to interpret.

Woke up, went outside for a smoke, felt heart flutters and then fainted. Went to doc and EKG is normal. Could the issue be head related?

Probably not. Fainting is an important symptom. To be head related, it would have to be a seizure, and this is very unlikely based on what u describe. Because u had a fluttering sensation first, it implies that u fainted due to a heart issue. Most common problem would be brief atrial fibrillation, but u r quite young for that. I would do a holter monitor on you to track your heart rate through the day.

Had heart flutters since teens. Scare me to pieces each time. Have had EKG years ago and blood tests are perfect. Should I continue to worry?

Hard to say. It is hard to confirm or ignore an issue without having enough data. What you mean by "flutters" is not clear. Your condition can change over the years and my approach to such a comment would be an EKG and a 24-48 hr Holter monitor. This study records your heart activity through many active & inactive settings & can catch rhythm disturbances with more reliability.

My breath catches and heart flutters at times esp when I take a deep breath. Ekg stress test normal. Echo showed "normal" murmer. What could it be?

24 hr holter monitor. There is no normal murmur to my knowledge at the age of 32 yrs, unless you are pregnant. Also it might be panic disorder, but I would do 24 hr holter monitor, thyroid tests if I were your physician to rule out other causes. You should see a physician for your symptoms.