Is aveeno (oatmeal) the best skin care?

One of many. Aveeno (oatmeal) does make good products for skin and most of them are non-comedogenic (don't cause breakouts). However, there are many great brands of moisturizers and other products for your skin.

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Why aveeno (oatmeal) cleanser/moisturizer is best for sensitive, combination skin?

Limited ingredients. Aveeno (oatmeal) and cetaphil from otc use very few products. Physician grade skin care would be avene its great for sensitive skin.

What SPF number is best for my very pale 6 week old? Is aveeno (oatmeal) baby SPF 55 ok to use? I've heard if the # is too high it can burn their skin.

No sunscreen < 6m. Babies skin needs to breathe & we don't recommend sunscreen at all under 6m. Lathering them up may result in hyperthermia at a time they don't show any symptoms. Use big hats, parasols, umbrellas or just stay out of direct sunlight for any extended period.
Sunscreen. You can use sunscreen on an infant less than 6m of age. Although it is recommended to keep your infant out of the sun. As they have very sensitive skin and can burn very easily. Spf of 30 ok. But keep baby covered. Shade. Long sleeves' long bottoms, hat.

I have sensitive skin. Which is better for me: aveeno (oatmeal) or cetaphil?

Either. Unless you are allergic to a specific ingredient in either one, both aveeno (oatmeal) and cetaphil have very good sensitive skin formulations. See which feels best for you.

My whole body is itchy no matter what. I have used aveeno (oatmeal) lotion many times daily and I still itch everywhere. My skin is soft, not dry. Relief?

See derm/allergist. If you have been applying Aveeno (oatmeal) lotion within minutes after bathing on a regular basis and still itch, it's time to consult a dermatologist or allergist.
Many causes. Generalized itching (pruritis), in the absence of any visible abnormalities of the skin, can be due to occult (hidden) systemic illness such as malignancies and liver/biliary disorders. However, often times no definite cause is found. Anxiety, stress and psychiatric disorders can often cause itching. Medications can cause itching. For Advice for dealing with itching SEE: http://bit. Ly/1u0iDFO.

Would you recommend aveeno (oatmeal) products or tea trill skin line from the body shop for acne and oily skin?

Your choice. Aveeno (oatmeal) has some pricey, relatively weak salicylic acid glamourized with soy for some reason. Tea tree as an oil that's an estrogen and has made guys grow breasts. How abut getting serious? If topical benzoyl peroxide (dirty-cheap) as tolerated hasn't cleared you in two weeks, get with your personal physician for prescription-strength rx.