Is it true antacids are worthless calcium supplements?

Not true. If you use calcium-containing antacids (like tums), you will get a good supply of calcium in addition to antacid effect. Other antacids (magnesium-containing, or so-called acid blockers like Pepcid (famotidine) or zantac) do not give you any calcium.

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Is there evidence showing antacids are worthless as calcium supplements?

PROBABLY. The main reason might be that the amount of calcium in antacids is not enough to meet the required 1000 - 1200 mg/day recommended for bone health. As well as the need to take multiple antacid pills to achive this dose.
Not necessarily. I have understood that it is perfectly ok to use Tums for instance as a calcium supplement-- it comes in different strengths, including a 750 and 1000 mg strength (of calcium carbonate). What I had read was that your body cannot deal with more than about 500mg at a time anyway so I'm not sure the strength actually matters. It's important to take the calcium with meals several times daily.