Actiq for breakthrough pain only?

Maybe. Actiq is not the best breakthrough pain medication in my opinion. It is expensive and from my experience doesn't work better than less expensive oral options. Also, fentanyl has a relatively short half life and I find that most of my patients who are prescribed breakthrough pain medication almost never have any left at the end of the month, so they are really using it as maintenence medication.
I believe. As far as I know, the only indication for Actiq is breakthrough pain in cancer patients with chronic pain. It is also used for non cancer breakthrough pain as an off label indication. I am not aware of any other uses for actiq. I would not use it as the basis for around the clock management of chronic pain. There are better, more effective and safer treatments.
Actiq for BTP. It is a very good medication for btp - it has a short time to onset and an average duration of about 40-60min - resembles the btp identified in several studies. Because it is so effective one has to be careful not to rely on this for baseline pain. Regular oral meds are not good - they take too long to work (up to 45min) and the active metabolites last for 4-6 hours which is not good.

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Actiq good for breakthrough pain?

Yes, but.... It is only indicated (fda approved) for breakthrough cancer pain. Most insurance companies will not pay for it for non-cancer pain. Newer formulations of the same basic drug work faster and seem to be better tolerated (subsys, fentora).
Yes. In my practice, I have prescribed Actiq for breakthrough pain, with good to excellent results. This is assuming the patient is currently receiving some around the clock pain medication treatment, such as the fentanyl patch. In cancer related pain, breakthrough pain occurs in approximately 75% of patients. There are other fentanyl preparations that work well, too.

How does actiq work for breakthrough pain?

Very short effect. For this reason this med shouldn't be used for non-cancer pain. The effect lasts for at most 1 to 1 hours. Tolerance develops rapidly because of the rapid, intense effect. This results in the need for higher and higher doses over a very short time. This med is most appropriate for patients not expected to survive for more than several months as the med becomes less effective rapidly.
It is an opioid. It is a fast onset opioid. It is indicated for break through cancer pain. The medication is absorbed through the mucosa of the mouth.

Is actiq a good choice for breakthrough pain?

Actiq. Actiq contains fentanyl. The onset and duration closely resembles that of btp. Since Actiq there are newer forms that work quicker while keeping the same duration. The fda in their infinite.
Maybe. The active ingredient in Actiq is fentanyl, the same medication in the Duragesic patch. As such, I tend to prescribe fentanyl products for breakthrough pain in my patients with chronic pain on around the clock opioid treatment. Actiq works well, but takes a while to kick in, and needs to be rubbed on the cheek for a while. There are other products that work faster and not swallowed as much.