What is aceon (perindopril)?

ACE-Inhibitor. It is called perindopril and belongs to the class of ace (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors.

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Can you take perindopril, coversyl & aceon together?

All the same. They are all different names for the same drug- perindopril- a BP drug of the ACE inhibitor class. So no- I would not take all of them together. I would speak to your prescribing doctor about consolidating into one pill and maximizing the dosage of that pill. Read more...

Perindopril, coversyl & aceon, (perindopril) what are these?

Perdopril. Peridopril (P) is the generic name for a certain angiotensin converting enzyme ihibitor (A). Aceon (perindopril) and Coversyl are the trade names for P manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies, therefore, Aceon (perindopril) and Coversyl are the same as P. Read more...