I heard that sunblock with zinc oxide is very good. Why?

It's opaque. Zinc oxide is what is known as a physical sunblock, meaning light cannot get through it. By preventing ultraviolet light from getting to your skin, it protects your skin from sunburn and other sun damage. Other sunscreens block uv light with chemicals, which some experts believe does not work as well as the physical sunblocks.

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I heard that sunblock with zinc oxide is very good, is that true and why?

True. Zinc oxide is a very effective sunblock although it is a white cream which provides the barrier. The appearance is a bit odd and so it is not commonly used but is useful in certain situations. Read more...

I am black and I use sunscreen with zinc oxide. Is this a good idea?

Zinc oxide. is a very effective sunscreen regardless of your skin color. If sensitivity occurs in the form of rash or irritation, discontinue use. Read more...