Is titanium dioxide as good as zinc oxide?

Roughly equivalent. They are roughly equivalent as sunscreens but the preparation will have a lot to do with the effectiveness.
Zinc Oxide more. Both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural physical sunscreens. Tio2 provides protection from uvb and short uva radiation only, while zinc oxide provides comprehensive uvb and short and long uva protection. Many sunscreen products use a combination of these two, along with antioxidants to give you optimal protection for use. Use of an antioxidant sunscreen daily is critical to skin health.

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Is titanium dioxide as good as zinc oxide for sun screen?

Yes. Both are what is known as physical sunscreens -- they are opaque, and physically prevent ultraviolet light from getting to your skin, and damaging it. Read more...

How to tell whether there is nano zinc oxide of nano titanium dioxide is in a product? Is it mandatory to indicate that's it's nano on the ingredient?

Marketing hype. The marketers are trying to tell you they have a safer sunscreen probuct . But there is no oproof their product is any safer or less safe than any other lotion. If you are concerne about sunscreen, do no use any at all. Monitor your time in the direct sun so that you do not get burned.And you will be a lot healthier. Read more...

With the exception of chemical sunblocks, is it true that virtually all sunblocks use micronized zinc oxide or micronized titanium dioxide nowadays?

Yes. Sunblocks by definition contain a structure (metallic) which reflects the sunlight rather that absorb parts of the spectrum like sunscreens. They use micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Read more...