What is zerona laser treatment?

Targeted fat laser. Zerona is a device which uses laser technology at a specific wavelength meant to target fat cells. That being said, I am skeptical about the amount of fat it is able to "remove." as with any minimally invasive technology, the main problem is that the effects are usually minimal or short-lived. Ask to see your surgeon's personal results.
What is Zerona? Zerona treatment is non-invasive, low level laser therapy for body contouring (fat reduction). It works by stimulating fat cells to liquefy. Usually you receive six treatments over a two week period. A recommended lifestyle protocol should be adhered to for best results. The waist, hips and thighs are the most common areas treated.

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What is zerona laser treatment?

Used to reduce fat. Zerona is a laser machiine that is supposedly reduce fat in areas like the flanks and abdomen. It is an external machine that works through massaging the areas in question. How much useful. It is supposedly a new method to help getting rid of excess fat without incisions.
A laser that. Which ostensibly opens pores in fat cells allow fat to diffuse out of the cell and then be burned for energy. It's supposed to have a maximal effect on the tissue it's focused on but also supposed to help everywhere. I'll have to see it to believe it so we have a trial planned. Stay tuned.

What is this zerona laser treatment?

Topical fat reductio. Zerona laser involves low level laser applied in a topical fashion for reduction of thickness of fat.
Low level laser. It is very low level laser used to help achieve circumference reduction when combined with supplements and exercise and diet. It does not actually affect the fat cells the way that the new fat melting devices do (ie: liposonix, ultrashape, zeltia)--these fat melting devices actually destroy the fat cells permanently whereas zerona does not.

Please help! What is this zerona laser treatment?

Not effective. The first generation of this device has not been effective and as a result many dissatisfied patients. If my memory serves me correctly, the company is launching newer products that might be more effective, but I would hold off until they can show better clinical outcome.

What happens if zerona laser treatment causes weight loss all over the body, would it not make my penis smaller?

No. .. The fat tissue in obese patients tends to accumulate more in the abdomen and buttocks, and the size of penis is usually spared from fat deposition. So, liposuction of the abdomen and buttocks would not change penile size. For more detail? Ask your surgeon timely. Oh! Don't forget to continue lifestyle codification as what the surgeon advised you to do after liposuction.

Anyone know about how much zerona laser treatment costs?

Treatment sessions. Usually there are few treatment sessions based on the areas treated. You have to check with tge provider offering the treatments.
Zerona Costs. Zerona far reduction laser treatments are done as a series of 6 treatments over 2 weeks and sold as a package. The package usually costs $2-3000 and are cheaper if you do more than 1 package. Zerona is a great way to jump start weight loss or lose fat generally. Most people lose several inches from several areas. Though the fat cells are intact, most do not regain the fat.

Could teens do the zerona laser treatment?

Yes but why. This is not a weight loss low level laser treatment. It simply helps people temporarily lose an inch. If your teen is already worried about her shape, take the time to get her on a low fat diet and high level exercise program. Please teach this in your home so she will have life long healthy habits. It is probably not the best solution for your teenager. Avoid the more money than brains option.

For weight loss, laser treatment like zerona is harmful for health? Which is other best way without side effect?

Safe but not wt loss. Zerona is a fat reduction device, not a weight loss solution. It is very safe, but with any device or laser, there comes risk. Your treatment provider should first review any possible side effects or complications with you, before having you sign a medical consent for services. Zerona, if used properly in the right patient, is not harmful to your health.

Can women have zerona laser treatment if they have breast implants?

Possible: Y waste $? In my opinion the zerona is not likely to privide you with sufficient benefits to justify the cost. I would advise you consider a supervised weight loss plan which is probably the most important component of the zerona treatment. They excused patients from their success stories if they do not diet and exercise as part of the treatment. Enroll in weight watchers or jenny craig. Good luck, .
Not prohibited. There is no evidence that breast implants interfere with or are affected by zerona. The problem is, in my opinion, zerona has not proven itself to be a worthwhile investment, so I would suggest you discuss your options with a board certified plastic surgeon before making that choice.
Yes but why? In my opinion zerona is a waste of your cash-o-la.
Yes. But you're better off using your money on some massages... At least they feel good and you'll get the same result.

What happens during laser treatment?

It Depends. The doctor will use a laser as a tool to essentially burn a very small amount of tissue, but it is used for eye disorders, vaginal disorders, and during some types of surgery. When used for diabetics, they burn blood vessels in the eye that have grown abnormally large.
Laser. Cold laser for pain & inflammation works at the cellular level to stimulate mitochondria with light to produce "healing" products.